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Our main goal is to make international-quality film and photo-based campaigns accessible not only to companies and brands based in Budapest but also to businesses and in any part of the country. Therefore, through our connections, we make available nationwide the knowledge possessed by many local professionals, which unfortunately has mostly remained within the boundaries of the capital city until now.

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Ritter Doron

Producer, operatőr, fotógráfus

24 éves szakmai tapasztalatom alatt a legnagyobb nemzetközi ügynökségekkel és sok nagy márkával dolgozhattam együtt, most szeretném az ezalatt megszerzett tudást és kapcsolati tőkét a hazai projektekben való részvételbe forgatni.


Tamás Jakus

Producer, gyártásvezető

As a production manager, I know that only maximalism brings the expected quality. It is our own experience how difficult it is to find film professionals far from the capital who can be entrusted with the material for a film or photoshoot, and this is exactly what we want to change with iNDUSTRY Film.

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