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iNDUSTRY Film - Competitive visual portfolio and campaign planning

No matter where you are in the world, these are the pillars upon which all successful collaborations are built. We've learned this through decades of experience. These are the foundational elements we employ in all our photo and video projects, ranging from small, domestic PR photoshoots to large-scale, international TV campaigns. That's why we exclusively collaborate with the top professionals in the industry.

Our company provides comprehensive solutions for small and medium-sized businesses across the entire country, starting from the creation of individual photo and video materials to more complex strategy planning and continuous distribution.


Az újonnan készülő fotóknak, videóknak a vállalkozása céljait kell szolgálniuk. Szakértelmünkkel és hozzáállásunkkal igyekszünk feltérképezni az Ön és célközönsége igényeit. Célunk, hogy olyan videók, fotók készüljenek, amelyek hatékonyan tudnak eladást ösztönző, PR vagy márkaépítési célokat szolgálni.



With a renewed visual portfolio and the targeted strategy we have developed, we provide you with content that you can successfully communicate to your target group using the appropriate channels, thus gaining an advantage over your competitors. 



We want to establish long-term relationships with our customers. In order to achieve this goal, we constantly develop ourselves and try to meet the latest challenges and demands. 

What we are best at

Contemporary Boardroom


In order for an image to be successful, we must first assess its purpose. Different works well in social media than in a company presentation or a recruitment film.



Following the planning stage, we proceed with creating video and photo materials tailored to the brand's needs. We provide the complete creative process from initial brainstorming to execution.

Analysing the Numbers

Content marketing

Uploading a video or series of photos is just the beginning. It will perform really well if we constantly pay attention to it and manage it.

We understand the importance of establishing proper workflow processes. That's why we visit your business premises to kick off our collaboration with a meeting where our team introduces themselves and we discuss the identified needs together.

1. Célok megfogalmazása, siker definiálása

We develop brand-specific and achievable goals. This makes it easy to measure success and gives a clear direction to the project.

2. Target audience and market analysis

Good research is essential. Monitoring the target audience and the market is important, even with the support of competitor analysis.

3.The main thing to say


Together we define the main direction of what we want to communicate to the target audience.

5. Script

& Storyboard

Then we write a video script, which includes the main point and the story of the film. We also draw a storyboard, where you can see what it would look like in the filmed material.

7. Success 


If you are satisfied with the finished, post-processed video material, you can start distributing the video, with continuous performance monitoring. 

4. Creative idea and story development


From a mixture of fantasy and ideas, we develop a creative concept for the desired content. 

6. Shooting,



The production team coordinates the filming. Then comes the editing, sound mixing, and animation work, after which the final cut is made.



We respond to all inquiries received on the website within 24 hours!

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